What news& entertainment broadcasting org was established supported by the contributions from individuals in?

Question by heeltap: What news& entertainment broadcasting org was established supported by the contributions from individuals in?
the audience based totally on 1st Amendment rights? Which broadcast network still operates this way w/o dependence on advertising revenues or having to cater or bow to the interest of advertisers?

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Answer by rama_golwalkar
The news agencies in Press Trust of India, United News of India do work without incurring advertising revenue. PTI is promoted by the large medium and small Newspapers having their share in the capital and it is run on no profit no loss basis. Same with UNI.

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Do you think that the cable news channels are an informative source of information or entertainment?

Question by Raging Moderate: Do you think that the cable news channels are an informative source of information or entertainment?
This question refers to the all of the talking heads. There is news, there are opinions and there are opinions dressed up as news. You need to understand that concept to understand the intent of this question. I think they exist for ratings (advertising dollars) and if they were not telling their audience what they want to hear, rather than striving for accuracy, their audience would not be there 24/7 and that would impact the price of their stock. This is where truth comes to die.

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Answer by intel
In a capitalist society where cult of personality sells all news is infomercials

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