Is Fox News falsely advertising?

Question by speaking_my_mind: Is Fox News falsely advertising?
I don’t see it as fair and balanced at all. I see it as the “bash Democrats all the time and praise the Republicans unless they stray from conservatism” channel. Most of the hosts are conservative and sometimes there is a conservative host with two conservatives and one liberal on the panel. Colmes is obviously no match for Hannity. As an independent, I prefer CNN because if they have any spin, it’s very subtle and the panels are balanced most of the time. I believe CNN is also the only channel that has an independent Populist with his own show, which I am. CNN is the most trusted cable news channel, who cares if Fox is the most watched. Britney Spears can’t sing and she still goes platinum.

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Answer by AL
We have a law in our country that forces all news channels to be unbiased (within reason). A programme that is clearly biased in any direction is generally classified as current affairs or else.
Fox News would be called Fox Current Affairs if it was made here.

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