Where can I advertise my Kingdom Hearts RPG forum?

Question by : Where can I advertise my Kingdom Hearts RPG forum?
Hi. A couple of months ago (in January) I started a Kingdoom Hearts RPG forum on Zetaboards, called Timeless Shadows. Now, I’ve been advertising it on Facebook, YouTube and to my friends and stuff, but I still haven’t been able to get very many people to join and those that do aren’t active. Is there any place I can advertise my forum, preferably for free, and if so, where at? Thank you!

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Answer by unknownchaser
That’s pretty much everywhere you can go to advertise. I’d advise against joining other forums just to advertise for your own because that’s just insulting the moderators of the respective forums.

I guess you could try making a video advertising it on youtube, but don’t be totally obnoxious when doing it, like “OMG JOIN MY FORUM IT’S THE BEST!!1!!!!11” That kind of stuff. Don’t abuse capitals and exclamation marks because that’s a total turn off and just leaves a bad impression.

And January was just 3 months ago. It’ll take a while to get a lot of members. RPG forums aren’t as popular as those that spread news regarding the series and the like. Just be patient, and the possible members will just come on their own accord.

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Starting gaming news / forum site, need help advertising?

Question by Chris: Starting gaming news / forum site, need help advertising?
Hey all, a group of friends and I are starting a gaming news / info site with forums to start up a gaming community revolved around RPG games like WoW, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and other games.
We are just starting up now, but are looking to expand and getting a legit site with a lot of members.

Can anyone help me with ideas for advertising the site. I am not trying to advertise it here, just explaining what it is all about. So if anyone can think of some ideas for advertising let me know, thanks.

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Answer by AllmightyBanjo
I don’t know about the larger sites but smaller gaming hubs usually have (or had?) something like a banner/link exchange program – means they post a link to your site and in return you link to them.

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