Is it true that Facebook applications are stealing private information from our computers?

Question by Jonathan: Is it true that Facebook applications are stealing private information from our computers?
I love to play farmville but i read a news article that is now saying Facebook apps like farmville are taking your private information from your computer and showing it to ton’s of other sites, company’s ect. Is this true? Should I stop playing farmville?

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Answer by Ron M
Yes, it’s all over the news today. Many many facebook apps are garnering your personal info and either giving it or selling it to all over the place. This is just one of the many reasons I do not have a facebook account.

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Is it safe to buy a puppy from a breeder that advertises in the newspaper?

Question by <3: Is it safe to buy a puppy from a breeder that advertises in the newspaper?
I was reading a book about adopting puppies, and it said that you shouldn’t buy a pup from a breeder that advertises in the newspaper, as they just want the money and they don’t care much about the puppy. Is this true? If it is, I don’t really know where I should go to adopt a pup, and I could use suggestions. I am looking more for a purebred puppy, so shelters aren’t really an option. Thanks!
I am looking to get a lab puppy

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Answer by dartass224
Yes its true as a reputable breeder NEVER has to advertise in a newspaper nor would they want to.

So that leaves BYBs and puppymills.

What breed are you looking for? YES shelters have purebred dogs and you can also look for a breed specific rescue.

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Is it illegal to advertise another company on a Social Studies homework without permission from the company?

Question by Big Jad: Is it illegal to advertise another company on a Social Studies homework without permission from the company?
Okay, I know this is the most random question on Earth…..

But for my Social Studies homework (we have to write a news report on Africa), I was trying to make it kind of funny so I put some pictures of Geico and other companies on it….yes, I was trying to make fun of Geico, but I didn’t write anything offensive. Is this illegal or against any rules or anything?

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Answer by The One
As long as you don’t sell you paper or make profit on it and indicate that the Logo is Geico’s and Geico’s property and you didn’t alter the logo or used it in any other way than to represent the company it should be fine.

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