CBS 2 News at 5: Hull Middle School Sustainable Garden Project

JH Hull Middle School Builds Two Sustainble Gardens Thanks to Chevrolet, CBS, and EcoMedia’s EcoAd Program Chevrolet’s first EcoAd Project in Los Angeles County Torrance, CA — March 14, 2012 — CBS EcoMedia, Torrance Unified School District, and Chevrolet unveiled today two sustainable gardens at Hull Middle School. Chevrolet’s Western Region purchased EcoAd advertising on local CBS stations, meaning that Chevy’s ads would be tied to tangible improvements in communities to support the environment. Chevrolet’s EcoAd advertising provided funding to support the installation of two sustainable gardens and state-of-the-art irrigation systems in the Hull Middle School courtyards. As an example of responsible landscaping for the students and surrounding community, the gardens will incorporate “zero-runoff” and water efficient irrigation technologies, and will be integrated into the school’s science and nutrition curriculum. This project is part of a complete energy efficient reconstruction of the middle school, which is the district’s first new campus in 40 years. The inclusion of these gardens will create 23040 hours of labor for workers in the local community.