How does a webmaster get a site listed on the google news site?

Question by darkchild: How does a webmaster get a site listed on the google news site?
I run a news site and want know how to get isted on the google news aggegation site?

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Answer by navyaug84
send your info to google and see

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Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)

English follows (including details of the music) “初音ミク”は、誰でも自由に歌わせることができるバーチャル・シンガーです。 音楽のみならず、イラスト、映像、CG、コスプレ、生演奏、ダンスなど、 ウェブ発の爆発的なN次創作ムーブメントを生みました。 3万曲以上のオリジナル楽曲をはじめ、 ウェブを通じて、初音ミクを使った無数の作品がいまも発表され続けています。 無数のクリエーターが起こしたムーブメントを通じて、 ウェブの可能性をご覧ください。 “Tell Your World” / livetune feat. 初音ミク作詞・作曲: kz ふと口ずさんだフレーズを掴まえて 胸に秘めた言葉乗せ空に解き放つの 君に伝えたいことが 君に届けたいことが たくさんの点は線になって 全て繋げてく どこにだってこのフィルムは、クリプトン社、SEGA社をはじめ、 世界中のクリエイターやファンの協力で制作されました。 Google Chrome の詳細はこちら⇒ ” Hatsune Miku ” is a virtual singer who can sing any song that anybody composes. It has made a massive impact on all creators through the web. They, inspired by her songs, have published their original works not only in the field of music, but in illustration, video, CG, cosplay, live performance and dance. Then, the works inspired the other creators again and again. That is to say, Hatsune Miku triggered the chain reaction of creativity. Besides over 30000 original tracks, many more works are still being released over the web. Feel the possibilities of the web through the social phenomenon caused by million craetors. “Tell Your World” / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku Lyrics・Music: kz Grasp the
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VGN – Google Fiber Revealed – Best Internet Deal EVER

Google Fiber has been revealed – Although it isn’t a cereal enriched with Fiber – it still may make you sh*t your pants | Actual Google Fiber Speeds – 1000Mb/s Down & UP 1 Gigabit Sources: VGN : Sign-up for Google Fiber Google Fiber article: • Twitter: • Like on Facebook: • Google +: • Live Stream: • Reddit: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – • VGN – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Check out my Youtube channel for lots more content! New videos Uploaded regularly • YouTube • Subscribe: Google Fiber “Google Fiber” Internet TV ISP “Nexus 7” Kansas Missouri Signup Register test fastest speed “Fiber optic” news Xfinity Best deal “free internet” information television HDTV DVR future technology Battlefield Gameplay 1943 BF43
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why is Google Groups and Usenet down for the last two days (June 28, 2011)?

Question by : why is Google Groups and Usenet down for the last two days (June 28, 2011)?
Google Groups and Usenet are not receiving posts for the last 48 hours as of 28.6.2011
Contrary to the assertion of one answer, Google Groups is still down as of 29.6.11 in Europe. Logging in from the USA on a US server using an anonymizer such as HMA does not change things. Google Groups is down; Google Groups not working. Usenet indeed may be fine but I use Google Groups as the interface.
As of 30.06.2011 Google Groups is slowly working again, but only posting things from two days ago. There appears to be some huge traffic jam or backup.

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Answer by Happy Harpo
Not sure, have seen same problem since June 25 2011, the system hiccup’ed and then went down solid. WTF, its part of a *lot* of people’s lives to get daily feeds on information and conversation with like minded folks. I’ve been using USENET News for a number of years, since about 1989 or so and was shocked when Google took it over, bought it out, or whatever and started Google Groups. It basically has gone downhill since. Centralized is not the answer, distributed is the answer.

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Google Glass Video, Nicole Kidman Stuns Cannes Crowd – 05.25.12

First up, the era of recording everything we see is upon us. Earlier this month we saw some photos shot with Google Glasses, but now Google has released the first video footage captured with its fancy new eyewear. And if you’re a fan of trampolines, this is the POV shot you’ve been waiting for. The 15 second clip shows the user bouncing and doing flips in a picturesque backyard. Most of the glasses’ specs are still under wraps but we do know that this footage was shot in 720p which is pretty impressive for a device that’s supposed to be barely noticeable on your face. Get ready for Youtube to become flooded with first-person video when Google Glasses hit the market later this year. Next up, if you thought we’d reached a saturation point with advertising in media, you thought wrong. Sony recently filed a patent that would allow them to warn a player their game is about to be interrupted by an ad, and then allow them to continue playing once the ad has finished. Way to suck the fun out of gaming Sony. What’s next is Youtube gonna start running ads mid-video…For 60 bucks a game I want to get lost inside an adventure, not watch ads. Start releasing games for free and we’ll talk. What do you guys think? Vent your rage in the comments below. And finally some steamy news from the Cannes Film Festival where audiences and critics are swooning over Nicole Kidman’s steamy performance in Lee Daniel’s The Paperboy. The 44-year-old actress stars as an