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THE CINEMA HANDBOOK. A Guide to Practical Motion Picture Work of the Non-thetrical Order, Particularly As Applied to the Reporting of News, to. Advertising, Selling and General Publicity, to the Production of Amateur Photoplays.

The Usenet Handbook: A User’s Guide to Netnews (Nutshell Handbooks)

The Usenet Handbook: A User’s Guide to Netnews (Nutshell Handbooks)

USENET, also called Netnews, is the world’s largest discussion forum, encompassing the worldwide Internet and many other sites that aren’t formally connected to any network. USENET provides a forum for asking and answering technical questions, arguing politics, religion, and society, or discussing most scientific, artistic, or humanistic disciplines. It’s also a forum for distributing free software, as well as digitized pictures and sound. This book unlocks USENET for you. It’s not just a technical book, although it includes tutorials on the most popular newsreaders for UNIX and Windows (tin, nn, GNUS, and Trumpet). It also explains what goes on on the Net: where to look for information and what to do with it once you get it. And, it gives you an introduction into the culture: Net etiquette, the private language, and some of the history…including some of the more notable practical jokes.

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09 2010

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