Don’t you think its funny how on the commercials during smackdown, the 10pm news is advertising about having a?

Question by Takerfan4life! 19-0: Don’t you think its funny how on the commercials during smackdown, the 10pm news is advertising about having a?
interview with Kurt Angle and twice they called him a “superstar”. Last I heard TNA didn’t use the term superstar. Funny how they don’t even check to notice that he is part of a different company.
What do you think?

O and I’m not sure if this news is seen by everyone. Its the WPHL17 and they just take it from the NBC news. So sorry if you have no idea what I’m talkin about.
Im watchin the news too

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Answer by Edgehead
Yeah, I saw those too. I am actually watching the news right now waiting to see Kurt Angle. ( I’ve got nothing else to do )
They either didn’t realize that he was part of a different company or they just didn’t care.

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I am having trouble understand Usenet. internet?

Question by kos99lapdk99: I am having trouble understand Usenet. internet?
I search and search and read and read and read some more I am still a little puzzle on how usenet works. Like sites like giganews, astraweb, etc… what does the binary retention is what does it mean? The other thing I don’t understand is the connections some say up to 50 or 20 connections what does that mean connections to where? I understand what the SSL Encryption is but not the connections or the (days) Binary Retention. Please explain your help will be appreciated.

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Answer by joe.attaboy
Usenet is an old internet protocol that allowed clients to attach to a server that provided connections to “newsgroups.” Generally, these were “static” chat groups where one could read and post items on a specific topic. This wasn’t a “live” chat where there was a continuous live connection between users. Someone would post and article, and others would respond to it, and so on.

Because Usenet was a static system, you could add binary attachments to your postings. You could include images, multimedia, documents, etc. This required a news reader that had the capability of decoding the attachments, or at least handing them off to some tool that could.

Because the usenet was a store-and-forward type tool, the amount of space on the servers that offered it was somewhat limited. The big hosts could store everything, but most people attached to Usenet newsgroups via a mirror server, usually provided by their service provider. The mirror servers would decide how much of the news feed they would carry, based on the amount of room they had.

Because the binary attachments to postings took up so much room, Usenet hosts would limit how long the binaries would be available on their systems (binary retention). After that time had expired, the local copy of the binary and the posting would be deleted. You could still retrieve it from another server with longer retention, if you had access, but once it was deleted, it was generally gone.

I’m not sure what the significance of the connections are. Perhaps it indicated the number of groups you could connect to at a time, or how many client connections the server could handle at one time.

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