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Beijing bans luxury advertising to hide gap between rich and poor

REPORT – The Chinese government has a new target in sight: luxury advertising. As of April 15th, no outdoor advertisements will be allowed to portray either extravagant or opulent lifestyles and companies breaking the law will have to pay a fine of €3000s. The new regulations ban any outdoor advertising from showing rich people enjoying their money, or spending it on foreign made luxury brands. The reason? The local government wants to mask the increasing gap between rich and poor Visual report live from the scene of events, between 3 seconds and two minutes long. 4 news reports daily broadcast from 6.15 am.
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Newzbin Enables TOR Browsing to Hide From Legal Issues

Newzbin Enables TOR Browsing to Hide From Legal Issues
Unless you’re on version Firefox 4.0…
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Three more Q&A forums for you to sample
Here are some more knowledge sharing sites to consider as well as Quora and Go-Social , which I mentioned recently. They are Focus, Social Business 1 and Spiceworks Commmunity. All are free to subscribe to.
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