Hogwasher 4.0 Released

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) May 2, 2004

Asar today announced the immediate availability of Hogwasher 4, a Usenet Newsreader and Email client for the Mac. Hogwasher works natively with OS X as well as with OS 9 and handles all common encodings including yEnc.

Multi-Account Article Assembly

Hogwasher 4 is a breakthrough product, setting a new standard for Mac Newsreaders. It is the first Mac Newsreader to offer Multi-Account Article Assembly.

“Many customers are forced to subscribe to a Premium News Service because of the poor quality of their regular ISP’s News Server” said Kurt Spaker, President of Asar. “Hogwasher seamlessly combines several News Servers into one ‘virtual server’. As a result, Hogwasher can pay for itself many times over in NSP download charges by only accessing the Premium NSP when an article is unavailable from their regular ISP.”

Multi-pane User Interface

In another breakthrough development, Hogwasher now supports an optional “multi-pane” interface. “With Microsoft having abandoned support for the popular Outlook Express on the Mac, many orphaned users are looking for a replacement”, said Steve Cunningham, Vice President of Marketing for Asar. “One of the most common requests we have had is to support the multi-pane interface that these users prefer. This has now been incorporated into Hogwasher 4.”

Improved Speed and Robustness

Hogwasher 4 includes a completely rewritten database engine resulting in a significant speed increase as well as a rock-solid internal database structure.

Extensive Online Documentation

The Hogwasher documentation has been completely rewritten and is now available directly via the “Help” menu. It includes over 160 pages of tutorials, examples, tips, hints, and reference material in Apple’s Help format.

Protection from the MP3Concept Trojan when Downloading

In response to this recently uncovered threat, Hogwasher generates a warning when extracting BinHex files of type application with an inappropriate file suffix.

Other Significant Enhancements

Other significant enhancements in Hogwasher 4 include: an enhanced Email Client; List-Serve Threading; more powerful Filtering; built-in Spell-checking; enhanced Archives; In-Line image display; support for X-Faces; and a “Snippit” feature for frequently typed items.

These are just the highlights of the many new features and improvements in Hogwasher 4. For a complete list please visit


where you may also download a fully functional Hogwasher 4 “Test Drive”

Users of earlier versions may upgrade to Hogwasher 4 at a significant discount.

For More Information contact:

Stephen J. Cunningham

Vice President, Marketing

Asar Corporation 3169

Brockport Spencerport Rd.

Spencerport, New York 14559