What setup information do I use to set up the newsgroup function on my new computer?

Question by hls: What setup information do I use to set up the newsgroup function on my new computer?
Am having trouble setting up my new computer to access Usenet
What server ID must I use?

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Answer by Isadora
It will depend on what ISP you use – check with them for the settings. Also, different browsers are set up differently, so you will have to refer to the Help feature of the browser since you did not indicate what browser you use.

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How can I get free Usenet without giving out Credit Card information?

Question by blackice660: How can I get free Usenet without giving out Credit Card information?
Is there any way I can get free Usenet without having to tell them your Credit Card information? Even just a free trial would be great, but I don’t want to tell them my Credi Card information.

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Answer by Angela H
take my advice, don’t give out any personal info out online. I did and now I a paying the price for it. $ 2,700 worth.

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From Usenet to CoWebs: Interacting with Social Information Spaces

From Usenet to CoWebs: Interacting with Social Information Spaces

This book provides an overview of interfaces to social information spaces, illustrated by several contemporary systems including Usenet News and CoWebs. Beginning with a general outline of those systems and a history of Usenet News, it looks at the problems of exploring virtual communities and distributed information systems, and of finding information in electronic environments. It outlines the successes and failures of traditional approaches like information filtering, collaborative filtering and information retrieval, and assesses new approaches such as visualisations of social processes and social navigation.

Among the key questions covered are: * What aspects of an online group are important to its participants? * How can the specific characteristics of a social information space be used to improve the design of the interface? “From Usenet to CoWebs” will be essential reading for practitioners working on information spaces, conferencing systems, virtual communities and innovative interfaces to information spaces. It will also provide useful background reading for anyone studying or researching in these areas.

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