Beyoncé & Valerie Amos Full Interview with Anderson Cooper, 2012 (1080p HD)

UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos and Beyoncé talk to television journalist Anderson Cooper about the 2012 World Humanitarian Day campaign. Humanitarian Day is a global day to celebrate humanity and the spirit of people helping people. The World Humanitarian Day music video for Beyoncé’s song “I Was Here,” which was filmed in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York in front of a live audience on 10 August, will be released globally on 19 August. Beyoncé and songwriter Diane Warren are donating the video to the campaign. “World Humanitarian Day celebrates humanitarian work,” said Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs. “I hope everyone will pledge to complete at least one humanitarian action – however great or small – through Together we can create an unprecedented awareness of the plight of people affected by crises around the world.” The campaign website provides everyone with an opportunity to unite and share his or her individual acts of good. On 19 August, the campaign aims to reach 1 billion people in a day with a single message. The campaign is launched in collaboration with award-winning advertising agency Droga5, the UN humanitarian arm’s lead agency for special projects. Production company Ridley Scott & Associates and director Kenzo Digital will help bring the initiative to life. Communities and organizations across the globe will celebrate World Humanitarian Day through


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Quincy Jones Interview Part 1 of 2

Ok. I have a dilemma. Probably the most played VHS tape in the history of mankind, my copy of “Ghostbusters”, has a few minutes of stuff at the end of it: a few commercials (Not enough for a volume by itself) and a totally rad interview with Quincy Jones conducted by Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes. So I thought I’d present a few minutes of unedited 80’s TV goodness. This all aired on December 8th, 1985 on CBS. 1. Mazda 626 (With James Garner!) 2. Promo for “Murder She Wrote” and “Circus Of The Stars” (With Bea Arthur, Dick Clark, Merv Griffin and Burt Lancaster) 3. 60 Minutes (About his early career with Lionel Hampton’s band playing trumpet, and his career as a music producer on albums like “Off The Wall” and “Thriller”)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

AUGOR MSK interview

produced by Juan Devis SoCal Connected Illegal billboards serve as giant canvases for Southern Californias graffiti artists. Too Tall Jahmal, founder of, a web-site dedicated to promoting global graffiti culture, says graffiti art can be a political statement. Augor, an artist profiled in the video, calls himself a billboard liberation artist, because much of his work involves painting over giant, pop culture billboards. But Augors creations are illegal and hes forced to conceal his identity.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Your Greek News Marina Sirtis Interview

Born to Greek parents in the UK, actress Marina Sirtis is best known for her role as the definitive brunette bombshell, Counselor Deanna Troi, in seven seasons and four movies of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Anastasia caught up with the proud hellene while she was making a guest appearance at Polaris!

Why is ABC news advertising the Sarah Palin interview with a picture and caption “Iraq war a ‘holy war’?” ?

Question by Oarsof6: Why is ABC news advertising the Sarah Palin interview with a picture and caption “Iraq war a ‘holy war’?” ?
When did Sarah Palin say that the Iraq war was a “holy war”?

Best answer:

Answer by bgee2001ca
She has indicated that is her belief on a couple of occasions, including her first speech upon being chosen to run.
That is all the world needs, another religious nut case in a position of real power.

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