BLUEBIRD SCANS by James Grigsby

NOTES ON THE VIDEO: This video is dedicated to one of the Scan Masters of the early 1990’s Usenet, who went by the pseudonym of “BlueBird” and specialized in the scanning of shashinshu. BlueBird scans were generally posted under the hierarchy. NOTES ON THE MUSIC: This music uses my own system of polychordal harmony, based on complementary scales. The form is essentially theme and variations (ABABA) with the variations created by polyrhythmic cut-outs – inserting silences to create movement in a static texture.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Usenet Servers: News Server Operation, B News, Internetnews, Apache James, a News, C News, Leafnode

Usenet Servers: News Server Operation, B News, Internetnews, Apache James, a News, C News, Leafnode

Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher’s book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Not illustrated. Excerpt: Among the operators and users of commercial Usenet news servers, common concerns are the continually increasing storage and network capacity requirements and their effects. Completion (the ability of a server to successfully receive all traffic), retention (the amount of time articles are made available to readers) and overall system performance are the topics of frequent discussion. With the increasing demands, it is common for the transit and reader server roles to be subdivided further into numbering, storage and front end systems. These server farms are continually monitored by both insiders and outsiders, and measurements of these characteristics are often used by consumers when choosing a commercial news service. End users often use the term “posting” to refer to a single message or file posted to Usenet. For articles containing plain text, this is synonymous with an article. For binary content such as pictures and files, it is often necessary to split the content among multiple articles. Typically through the use of numbered Subject: headers, the multiple-article postings are automatically reassembled into a single unit by the newsreader. Most servers do not distinguish between single and multiple-part postings, dealing only at the level of the individual component articles. Each news article contains a complete set of header lines, but in common use the term “headers” is also used when referring to the News Overview database. The overview is a list of the most frequently used headers, and additional information such as article sizes, typically retrieved by the client software using the NNTP XOVER command. Overviews make reading a newsgroup faster for both the client and server by eliminating the need to open each ind… More:

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