Julia Roberts Airbrush Ad Banned!

PHOTOS: The Pretty Woman’s L’Oreal ad campaign is catching major heat from the Advertising Standards Authority for creating a “false impression of beauty.” Ever flip through a magazine and wish you looked as perfect as the celebs? Fear not- because there’s a whole lotta airbrushing going on! But did one cosmetics company go too far? Check this out… She’s always been a “pretty woman” Now look at Julia’s flawless skin in this L’Oreal ad campaign! Guess what! It’s so perfect, it’s been banned! The make up label is taking major heat for the ads from the Advertising Standards Authority who says the company “created a false impression of beauty.” What do you think??? Here’s an untouched photo of Julia…a little different- right? And this isn’t the first time L’Oreal has been accused of too much re touching. Check out these ads featuring Christy Turlington hawking an anti-aging “eraser”. Compare that to these pics of Christy au naturale, and it looks like there was a little too much erasing! But in this situation, L’Oreal admitted they may have altered the pics to quote: ‘lighten the skin, clean up make-up, reduce dark shadows and shading around the eyes, smooth the lips and darken the eyebrows’. So there you have it people- Celebs have imperfections just like us!