Picture taking your Cell Phone and watching your local news or a game show?

Question by Millo: Picture taking your Cell Phone and watching your local news or a game show?
You can do this with an imported Chinese phone ,but you can’t do it with any of the phones sold here unless your paying a monthly charge.This is a one reason the U.S. is behind so many other country’s when it comes to T.V. on a cell phone.The advertisers will make Millions in advertising .So why doesn’t the U.S. do it for free like other country’s ? Is it about more money ? What do you think ?

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Answer by wild-man of Borneo
Look in the real world.
Just wasting time with u-tube.
with complaint complaint all day long.
Without any solution in sight.
Luke 8.10,17
What do you think?

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Obama Grilled About Kill List By Local Reporter

“A local Ohio reporter grilled President Obama forcefully about his controversial so-called “kill list” on Tuesday. Obama has been making an aggressive effort to speak to local reporters during the 2012 campaign, and Ben Swann, a reporter for Fox 19 in Cincinnati, used some of his minutes to press him about the list, which has the names of people who the administration has selected for targeted drone strikes. Press reports about the program have been the subject of heated political arguments on Capitol Hill. Swann was remarkably frank about the interview in a “Reality Check” segment. It was, in several ways, a tougher, more skeptical segment than viewers would find on many a national news program…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. *Read more here from Jack Mirkinson in The Huffington Post: www.huffingtonpost.com Support The Young Turks by Subscribing bit.ly Like Us on Facebook: www.fb.com Follow Us on Twitter: bit.ly Buy TYT Merch: theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com
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The most effective way to advertise my local small business on a low budget?

Question by Julia: The most effective way to advertise my local small business on a low budget?
Hi. I just opened a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco. As a small local business on a low budget, what is a most effective way to advertise my business? I have done some research in Google, but I haven’t found much useful tips. Any small business owners out there could provide me some suggestions? Really appreciated.

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Answer by xcourtney73x
-Newspaper Advertisements
-Business Fliers
-Call local news, sometimes they advertise for cheap
-Phone Book Adds
-Free Food (Letting the people try your product)

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Why would someone want to advertise on a local news show that runs from 5-7?

Question by Queenie: Why would someone want to advertise on a local news show that runs from 5-7?
I work for a company where we are to sell advertising on a local news channel that runs from 5-7PM. Now most of my objections have been because of the time slot (and they feel that no one is in front of a TV watching at that hour), the cost (it costs more than adveritsing on cable) and the fact that it is still a very new show (meaning lack of engaged audience) the last and final problem is that the newscast runs from 5-7 like I said before but during the rest of the day all that runs on the particular channel is INFOMERCIALS. So, could someone please tell me why someone would want to adveritse on this channel and/or if they have any ideas to get people to advertise on this channel. Thanks.

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Answer by mamakin
Do you have to determine the best target market for your advertise? Who are the station’s targeted viewers? I would guess that SAHMs and the retired would be the most likely. I know I started watching local news when I became a SAHM, and most of the elderly folks I know watch local news. Some people may put on the local news when they come home. You could start with advertisers who would be relevant. Maybe carpet cleaners or other home services, taxis… You could also look for advertisers based on the content of the news program. Are there restaurant or movie reviews? Our local news has a green feature. Watch other local news programs and see who their advertisers are. Try to come up with some equation that makes the cost seem more palatable. X price per viewer or something like that.

I think that the sale of this product may be a process. You will have to call people and follow back up to generate the buzz for your station. The first call might just be inquiring if they are familiar with the news program. Ask them if they will watch it for you in the next week. Say you are genuinely interested in the program and people’s opinion and tell them why you think it is so great. Be sincere, if you can’t get a bit excited about the product you probably won’t be able to sell it. Find out what sets this news program apart from other local programs – is it the newscasters, in-depth features on local concerns?

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Why do local television networks spend so much time each day advertising their news shows.?

Question by hazzard: Why do local television networks spend so much time each day advertising their news shows.?
They could use that time to report more news throughout the day. I think it is because they are more concerned about commercial revenue than keeping the pubic as informed as possible. What do you think.

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Answer by ladi_d81
A lot of them will do that to create a buzz and hopefully attract some people to watch their show. Sometimes, they even have a small ‘news break’ where they will only give you the main headline of the story, but not anything else about it so you have to come back and watch if you want to know what it is about (such as what normal household chemical could be compromising your health? Find out with news at 10).
Just like everything else in the world it has become extremely commercialized.

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CyberAlert Launches TV News Monitoring Service: Monitors News Programs on Networks and Local TV Stations in Top 100 Markets

Stratford, CT (PRWEB) May 12, 2005

CyberAlert, Inc., a worldwide media monitoring company for public relations, corporate communications and market intelligence, today launched CyberAlert TV, a new broadcast news monitoring service.

CyberAlert is offering a limited time 30-day no-risk free trial of the new CyberAlert TV service at http://www.cyberalert.com/cyberalerttv.html.

The new CyberAlert TV service (www.cyberalert.com/cyberalerttv.html) monitors news programs of cable news channels 24/7, newscasts of national TV networks and scheduled news programs of local TV stations in the top 100 U.S. markets. In all, the new television broadcast news monitoring service from CyberAlert captures, filters, and clips the closed caption text of over 1,800 hours of news per day – morning, noon, evening and night — on more than 600 TV networks and local stations.

The new TV news monitoring service is fully integrated with CyberAlert’s other online media monitoring and press clipping services including CyberAlert 4.0 which monitors 25,000+ online news sources worldwide in 17 languages; Netpinions which monitors consumer discussion and word-of-mouth “buzz” in 100,000+ Usenet news groups, message boards and forums; and BlogSquirrel which monitors new daily content in 5+ million blogs (weblogs).

“As a stand-alone service, CyberAlert TV offers the benefits of more comprehensive TV news coverage, greater clip accuracy and lower costs compared with most stand-alone broadcast monitoring services. But, more importantly, CyberAlert now enables companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations to gain enormous efficiencies by combining press clipping, broadcast monitoring and word-of-mouth consumer discussion monitoring into a single service with unsurpassed coverage of all media,” stated William J. Comcowich, President and CEO of CyberAlert, Inc. “A fully integrated, one-stop media monitoring service like CyberAlert is the most convenient, time-efficient and cost-effective way to find and ‘clip’ what’s being said about a company, its products, people, issues and competitors. Clips in an integrated media monitoring service are easier to manage and measure; yield greater market intelligence; enhance insight into issues and trends; and provide the resources to perform more finely-grained assessment of marketing initiatives and public relations programs.”    

Additional information about CyberAlert TV and other CyberAlert services for monitoring news and consumer discussion is available at http://www.cyberalert.com.

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How to connect to a Usenet local server using NNTP in Php? The server is a free downloaded one, Freeproxy?

Question by Mixed Up Mandy: How to connect to a Usenet local server using NNTP in Php? The server is a free downloaded one, Freeproxy?
I am working on a project as Newsgroup client. I want to know how to make connection in NNTP using Php script. The server is a local newsgroup server, Freeproxy. Please guide me.

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Answer by RaginInferno
try going to this site..they have very defined out instructions how to connect. www.freeporxyuseres.com

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