Spearfishing Cozumel HD 2012 – Narrated by Ted’s HoldOver – GoPro Hero 2 with Mako Lens

The GoPro Hero2 can be purchased by Amazon (best price I could find): www.amazon.com This is the story of my 4th trip to Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This trip was one week. It started out very slowly, as many of my spearfishing trips do. You simply cannot train for the ocean. You can get in shape, and you can practice technique. But, there is no facility that can train you for waves pounding on your head, a 2-knot water current, and the occasional gulp of sea water. So, as usual, it took me a few days to find my feet (fins). About Leo and his business: I met “the gringo” for the first time in 2009. He had just moved to the island from the Netherlands. Back then, his advertising was limited to word of mouth and paper flyers that he gave to local restaurants. Three years later, Leo now owns one of the most successful spearfishing businesses in the world. If you dive with him, you will know why. The guy does it RIGHT. Leo’s right-hand man is a sanguine Argentinian named Rodrigo, and his captain is Daniel. All of these guys know exactly what they are doing, and have the rare gift of being personal and professional at once. If you go out with them, you are going to have a great day — but, first-most, you are going to be safe and come back in one piece. Leo’s official website is: www.spearfishingtoday.com The story of the boat sinking: Here is a link to a brief synopsis re: the rescue of the 9 castaways: www.superyachttimes.com And here is an English Translation of
Video Rating: 4 / 5