How do I advertise my male dog for studding services?

Question by moni319: How do I advertise my male dog for studding services?
I have a 17 week old Shih-tsu/King Charles Cav who I would love to breed because he’s extremely healthy and he would be a good stud for alittle of cute puppies. How does one advertise for this? I live in the Seattle Washignton area if that helps. Thanks

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Answer by Freedom
17 weeks?? LOL Ok, well here is my standard answer for this question that is asked on a daily basis here on Y answers. You don’t even have a purebred dog! Nueter him! There are enough ‘Cute’ puppies killed every day because no one wants them.

Bit-ch owners seek studs that compliment their females in conformation and pedigree, health history etc. There is a lot more to it then having a registered dog which by the way means nothing these days in the grand scheme of things because ANYONE with an extremely poor quality of any given breed can breed it to another registered poor quality dog that doesn’t adhere to the standard of the breed and make more poor quality and or sickly registered dogs. AKC has no clue what is being bred and they rely on the integrity of the breeder which there are 90 breeders out of a 100 who don’t give a shittt about anything other then producing a litter. They do not take pedigrees, health, conformation or any of the important things into consideration when they produce a litter. They are simply looking for a male or a female of the same breed. That’s not a good goal in dog breeding!
Unless your dog is shown in AKC conformation and has his health testing done. (not a check up at the vet) I am talking about OFA Hips, Cardio, Cerf, Thyroid… No one of any merit will want to breed to your dog. Being nice and having a few Champions in the pedigree is not enough to qualify him as a dog who is an outstanding representation of the breed.
Male owners don’t pimp their dogs. Female owners see them at dog shows, spend hours studying pedigrees and researching health issues in certain lines and breed to improve upon what they have.
This is the only way to preserve the breed for what it is supposed to be.
You need to rethink the whole thing. Your dog does not likely have anything to offer the breed for betterment. He is a pet and he does not owe you anything.
A word about Champions in the pedigree… This is how back yard breeders and puppy mills promote their puppies. Using words like AKC registered.. (already been over that). And CHAMPIONS in the pedigree.
The fact of the matter is, that it only takes ONE generation of a bad breeding choice to screw a lot of things up. Breeding your dog to the wrong blood line can produce dogs with hip displasia, cardiomyopathy or any other health issue that is passed down. Neither dog has to have the health problem in order to pass it to their puppies once the genes link up.
Even more so what gets lost in these non shalant breeding decisions is the conformation of the dog and general breed type. The Champions in the back of the pedigree do not mean a dam thing if the dog standing in front of you does not adhere to the standard. Those Champions back there have NOTHING to do with your dog and how he looks if the people who have bred litters since then didn’t give a rats assssss.
Just neuter him unless you are going to go through the necessary steps to protect the breed you obviously love. They are not ALL meant to produce litters.

You are right, Not everyone wants a show dog, but everyone deserves a dog who is healthy and adheres to the standard of the breed they are getting. Unless a person is dedicated to producing such animals by breed research, then they are not qualified to try and supply the demand.

Also, you say that your dog has good structure. Many people say that that do not have a clue what they are looking at in reality as per the standard of that breed. Can you say where his faults are structurally? How is his neck set?, Eye set

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