Media Mayhem – Sandusky, Scientology & Ethical Journalism with Senior Reporter John Cook

40 years on from Watergate, journalism has gone through tectonic shifts that affect how reporters get their stories. We examine those shifting ethical grounds with senior reporter John Cook. We discuss topics ranging from Christopher Hitchens, Barbara Walters, the FOXNews mole, the Church of Scientology, the Sandusky trial and more–always with one eye on […]

Media Mayhem – Corruption in Politics Exposed: Los Angeles w/ Attorneys Brian Condon & Matthew Monforton

Los Angeles has become embroiled in scandal as the cities of Bell, Cudahy, South Gate and others have been exposed for having millions embezzled by their city council. How this ‘public secret’ has gone on so long, and what caused the justice system to finally do its job is aired in this episode. Our guests, […]

Media Mayhem – Corporate Media and New Celebrity Journalism with EW and People Editor Richard Sanderson

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Entertainment journalism has shifted wildly in the last decade under the influence of big corporations and instant internet coverage. To provide us context for the wild west of new celebrity journalism, we speak with EW and People editor Richard Sanders. From the Sandusky trial and sensational cover stories, to substance abuse coverage and […]

Media Mayhem – The West Memphis Three and True Crime with Reporter George Jared

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Media Mayhem gets a taste of true crime reportage with George Jared. We talk about his no-holds barred coverage of the West Memphis Three, and address some of the journalistic pitfalls that threaten to take the teeth out of reporting disturbing cases. George is a natural storyteller and he delivers the hard facts […]

Media Mayhem – ABC’s Martha Raddatz on the White House, Iraq, Cheng Guangcheng & Female Journalists

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Having spent years as the White House and Senior Foreign Correspondent for ABC News, Martha Raddatz is one of the most recognizable faces in American journalism. She shared with us some of her esteemed insight via skype for today’s show. We cover the most recent developments in the Chinese dissident scandal, her take […]