How do news reporting mediums get held to objectively?

Question by : How do news reporting mediums get held to objectively?
Recently I read that James Murdoch disparaged the BBC for dispersing ‘state-sponsored news’ and wondered if it (and indeed all news reported mediums) get independently checked for objectivity?

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Answer by matt
BBC is different than American media because it is government funded. American media is paid for by advertisers. There are independent organizations like whose goal is to check the real facts behind all news stories. They do not have any real power though, only their ability to “call out” organizations when they are wrong.
There is also the threat of libel law suits. If an organization lies or reports a private citizen unfairly they can sue. This does not cover “public figures” so celeberties and politicans cannot sue a news organization.
The main motivation for news organizations to be objective (other than journalistic integrity and that it is their job to do so) is that if you get the reputation for being bias, people will not watch you and your advertising sales will decline. With cable news like Fox and MSNBC, they have found their target audience and are blatantly catering to those people. I don’t consider them real news sources though, they are politcal talk shows. I don’t know if I answered your question but I hope this helped!

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