REALIST NEWS – Goldman Sachs loses 100 million in stock market – “Just cancel the trades” (Recommended for Silver and Gold Purchases. I use them now.) (Our new social media website, similar to Face…
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Ray William Johnson, YouTube’s Million Dollar Man

Ray William Johnson’s raunchy riffs have made him the latest sensation on YouTube, and thanks to his cut of his shows’ ad revenue and merchandise tied to his persona, he’s taking home about million a year. Emily Glazer has details on Lunch Break.
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Susan Boyle Loses 2 Million Dollars

From the EPIC FU cutting room floor. Episode 152: Your Copyright Can Kiss My Ass The Susan Boyle video has been seen millions of times over the internet but the network failed to make any money from them because they refused to agree with YouTube’s advertising terms. ITV, the network, wanted preroll ads, YouTube doesn’t allow them.
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