Geekgirl, ‘girls need modems’ display in the Powerhouse Museum

Geekgirl, ‘girls need modems’ display in the Powerhouse Museum
Usenet Web
Image by mia!

I can’t find anything more about it in the PHM collections online and*/ doesn’t contain much, which is a shame cos I’d love to see and share more about this.

Weirdly, says "The widespread recognition of "geek girls" as a community occurred in summer 2010, when the annual San Diego Comic-Con International included a panel entitled "Geek Girls Exist"." – hmm, really? The Webgrrls etc date back to c1995 ( and the Internet Archive crawl of dates back to 1996, though sadly the content seems unreadable now.

I can’t find much with a cursory search for the old Webgrrls groups on Yahoo! groups, but @pkej suggested the usenet archive. Let me know if you have any leads or suggestions! It’d be great to get enough information together to properly document this history on Wikipedia – while women might not be fully represented in the tech world, they’ve always been present.