what should a newbie’s need to know about internet?

Question by broadover: what should a newbie’s need to know about internet?
what should a newbie needs to know first?
is it the sevices of the internet? or the dynamics of the web?
is it to get information by surfing?
is it to know chat or e-mail?
is it to know ftp? usenet news? e-mail discussion? mud’s? etc….
please share your good idea……..thank you & Godbless!……….

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Answer by no_life_louis
You’re obviously not new so you must have another reason for asking. But I’d say internet security is priority. Teach them about Nortons or whatever they have. Especially the anti-virus program. Download ccleaner for them. Download Adaware for them. Show them how they work. Teach them to never click on links from people or sites they don’t know. My dad was a “newbie” two years ago and had his paypal account hacked. Tell them to neverrrr give out any info. That’s a good start.

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