How to download any xbox 360 game USING NEWSGROUPS (WORLDS QUICKEST WAY) (HD)

If this has helped you, help me and go to and sign up, it will take 1 minuite, thanks guys 🙂 This is the fastest way to download any xbox 360 game, method also works for films, music and games etc but be warned this is illigal if you dont own the original game. Grabit : NZBMATRIX : Astraweb (NEWS PROVIDER) Please watch the video all the way through before asking me comments which the video already tells you. please subscribe and rate 5 stars. In order to burn the games please follow my tutorial, view my channel to see it 🙂 In order to play them your xbox drive must be flashed. (TUTORIAL COMING SOON) GOOD LUCK 🙂
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how to download for free using utorrent and newsgroups

how to download for free using utorrent and newsgroups This video is all about downloading games, movies, music, e-books, ipad games and android games and whatever there is more… ojeeh, xbox360, xbox, ps3 ( playstation3 ) pc, nintendo (but that’s all under games… Link 1 http:– Link 2 http:– Link 3 http:– Link 4 http:– Link 5 http:– *IMPORTANT* THE NEXT WILL BE SHOWING EVERYTHING ABOUT NEWSGROUPS SO BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO LEARN ABOUT THAT TO!!!

How to Download XBOX 360 Games Using NewsGroups – Part 2

This tutorial explains from start to finish what newsgroups and usenets are and how to download from them. I explain how to choose a newsgroup provider, where to download the software to download from newsgroups, and how to find those files. In my video, I recommend to use the news group provider Newsgroups/usenets are a good alternative to torrent files with MUCH faster download speeds. They are especially good for downloading xbox 360 backups. This is purely for demonstrative purposes and you should only download games, movies, or music that you have already purchased. Enjoy!
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Slyck’s Video Guide To The Newsgroups – Common File Types – New

This video explains the main features of usenet newsgroups common file types. Learn how to use the Newsgroups using’s Guide to the Newsgroups. The complete web guide can be found here: were a lot more information can be found.
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