Google Glass Video, Nicole Kidman Stuns Cannes Crowd – 05.25.12

First up, the era of recording everything we see is upon us. Earlier this month we saw some photos shot with Google Glasses, but now Google has released the first video footage captured with its fancy new eyewear. And if you’re a fan of trampolines, this is the POV shot you’ve been waiting for. The 15 second clip shows the user bouncing and doing flips in a picturesque backyard. Most of the glasses’ specs are still under wraps but we do know that this footage was shot in 720p which is pretty impressive for a device that’s supposed to be barely noticeable on your face. Get ready for Youtube to become flooded with first-person video when Google Glasses hit the market later this year. Next up, if you thought we’d reached a saturation point with advertising in media, you thought wrong. Sony recently filed a patent that would allow them to warn a player their game is about to be interrupted by an ad, and then allow them to continue playing once the ad has finished. Way to suck the fun out of gaming Sony. What’s next is Youtube gonna start running ads mid-video…For 60 bucks a game I want to get lost inside an adventure, not watch ads. Start releasing games for free and we’ll talk. What do you guys think? Vent your rage in the comments below. And finally some steamy news from the Cannes Film Festival where audiences and critics are swooning over Nicole Kidman’s steamy performance in Lee Daniel’s The Paperboy. The 44-year-old actress stars as an

Nicole Seah & NSP meets PAP at Serangoon Central (24 Apr 2011)

“I think this is in the hands of Singaporeans. And all Singaporeans, you know; maybe they know it, maybe they do not. But all of them have the power to choose, which manifesto they want. So lets bring this elections back to the Singaporeans. This is about them. This is NOT about any one else, or you know; any incumbent ruling party or ruling party (PAP). This is about the power of Singaporeans to stand up and say they want to make a change for the better, and they want to RECLAIM THIS COUNTRY AS OUR HOME.” -Nicole Seah (24 Apr 2011) Nicole Seah and the National Solidarity Party (NSP) ran into PAP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Seah Kian Peng during their respective walkabouts at Serangoon Central. Although the rival teams greeted each other cordially, they disagreed about the need for SM Goh’s proposed “buddy system” among MPs serving in the GRC. More on Nicole Seah: International: Singapore’s state-controlled media: Socio-Political: Blogs: Social Media: Official Website of National Solidarity Party (NSP): Email: