Sonic Symphony- Dark Force Rising (2012 Epic Dark Orchestral Vengeance Rock Hybrid Style)

Please Read Description For More Info. Thank You 😀 Subscribe if you like for more Epic / Dramatic / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Rock / Hybrid / Orchestral / Electronic / Dubstep / Dark / Atmosphere Trailer Music.,.. ENJOY Music For motion Picture Advertising And Video Game Advertising Trailers Productions-Trailers,TV Spots,Commercials,Promos,Featurettes,Media Entertainment,News,Previews and TV Programs. Track :Dark force Rising Artist :Sonic Symphony Composer’s :Khosla, Hanu (BMI): Khosla, Manu (BMI) Album :Eternity Year :2012 Genre :Action, Orchestral ,Vengeance, Orchestral – Electronic – Drama, Fantasy Fury Drama Hybrid Orchestral, Epic, Trailers, Film Scores, Heroic, Intense, Powerful, Rock, Emotional, War, Aliens, Futuristic,… Like Sonic Symphony On Facebook’s : Sonic Symphony Website’s : Company Of Destribution’s Website Link To Image : DISCLAIMER Music belong to respectful Owners- Sonic Symphony and composers by (Khosla Hanu (BMI): Khosla Manu (BMI),I do not own either the Images ,and no copyright infringement is intended.”THIS IS MERELY POSTED FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF THE VIEWERS”..All Credits Goes to the artist….ENJOY