What is the best way to get paid advertisements on my website?

Question by Josh D: What is the best way to get paid advertisements on my website?
I have a website that has satirical news writing (similar to ‘The Onion’) and am looking to make money from it. How do I get ads on my site? Is it better to be paid per view or per click? Any help or information in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Rebecca
Well first things first unless you are getting hundreds of thousands of hits per day no one will pay you to advertise on your site.

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Where can i get paid fair money for advertising for a business?

Question by Reginald: Where can i get paid fair money for advertising for a business?
I’m a single father of 3 and I’m always looking for ways to make a little extra money. Someone I work with was telling me that I could make some money just by putting some decals on my car. I have looked into it but, I really can’t find these business that are willing to pay for advertising. If there someone that can help me with some info on this topic please do. I’m really in need of the extra funds.

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Answer by Jake
Take care there are a lot of scam offers that turn out to just provide you a list of one time on car advertisers for your $ 39 fee. Don’t pay anything to get into one of these ad programs, because it is virtually ‘free’ money, there is a much higher demand than available advertisements needing cars.

Count yourself lucky if you can find an advertising company in your community looking to do such advertising, ask anyone you see with these ads how they got them, leave your phone number with a polite note on a parked car like this when you see them, there’s a much better chance of you getting the real truth this way.

From a mobile advertising interview: “Our typical campaign lasts three to six months”

These might not be the worst ones.

You have a better chance of picking up a bit of extra money doing freelance work on the internet, check out the job lists on the no cost to register marketplaces like odesk.com, freelancer.com, elance.com, though it’s mostly tech work there are simple article writing for web site chores as well.

There are also micro task sites that pay small change for a few minutes work, popular with 3rd world countries, some in the U.S. do them instead of crossword puzzles, the original was created by Amazon, the online store to ‘automate’ tasks a computer couldn’t do, like pick the better of 2 pictures they named mturk.com after the 18th century Mechanical Turk chess playing machine that had a man hidden inside. ShortTask and microworkers have similar micro tasks, some individual jobs are a bit shady, like signing up for product trials, doing surveys, clicking ads you shouldn’t, but you get to choose which tasks to perform

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