How do I tell my parents and family I am getting a divorce?

Question by Kenneth: How do I tell my parents and family I am getting a divorce?
Don’t know how to tell them about the news. It is unexpected and final. Should I make separate calls or is just one email with everyone cc’d better? Decision to divorce is not mutual and infidelity related. I want to get ahead of the story and tell my family first b/c my soon to be ex wife is not going to have a positive spin to her version of the events.

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Answer by Live Lovely
Definitely call your friends.. and I would tell my parents in person, but that’s just me. No emails, please.

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Tell Your Parents Where to Go

Tell Your Parents Where to Go
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Image by Enokson
The government poster “Tell Your Boss Where to Go” was my inspiration for this poster I created to advertise our school board website information portal for our library and school hallways. (White boxes cover specific info. only in this photo.)

As our school, and eventually our entire district school system, moves to being more eco-friendly and cost efficient, we no longer print out progress reports (report cards), school newsletters, consent forms for events and field trips, etc., our students and parents need to sign up for usernames and passwords to access the web portal.