TheAntiTerrorist on The Devil’s Eye Part 1 of 3

Is it called ‘television programming’ for a reason? TheAntiTerrorist on Guns ‘n’ Drugs Integrated-sensing-display Dr. Marcel Just and Dr. Tom Mitchell Neuroscience and Free Will Thought Reading Demonstration 60 minutes – mind reading fMRI —————————————————- Neuro-marketing: ex-IBM reveals how analog was abandoned : ____________________________________ […]

The Apprentice UK Series 7 – Episode 07 – Part 1 of 6

The Apprentice Season 7 playlist; The teams are called to gleaming offices in Fleet Street, home to London’s oldest newspaper district. Lord Sugar informs the candidates they’ll be creating and publishing a free magazine. But first he shuffles the teams, appointing the project managers. Free magazines earn money by selling advertising, but advertisers only […]