TheAntiTerrorist on The Devil’s Eye Part 1 of 3

Is it called ‘television programming’ for a reason? TheAntiTerrorist on Guns ‘n’ Drugs Integrated-sensing-display Dr. Marcel Just and Dr. Tom Mitchell Neuroscience and Free Will Thought Reading Demonstration 60 minutes – mind reading fMRI —————————————————- Neuro-marketing: ex-IBM reveals how analog was abandoned : ____________________________________ _____________________ Dr. Doepp interview: Switching of the Brain Orson Wells War of the worlds documentary Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors. US Patent 6506148 Silent Subliminal Presentation System. United States Patent 5159703 METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING A DESIRED BRAIN STATE. United States Patent 6488617 Opening score sampled from ‘New World Order’ by DJ Chris Geo The AT Handbook on Amazon UK: US: CA: Excerpts from the new book, Standing Under Freedom, A Foundation for Personal Empowerment: Standing Under Freedom on Amazon UK: US: CA:
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The Apprentice UK Series 7 – Episode 07 – Part 1 of 6

The Apprentice Season 7 playlist; The teams are called to gleaming offices in Fleet Street, home to London’s oldest newspaper district. Lord Sugar informs the candidates they’ll be creating and publishing a free magazine. But first he shuffles the teams, appointing the project managers. Free magazines earn money by selling advertising, but advertisers only buy space in titles with a surefire market. As such, the teams must choose a hit subject, produce appropriate editorial content and convince advertisers they will reach a big audience. As Karren keeps notes, one team is led downmarket by their editor with a low-brow lads’ magazine. The other team, accompanied by 67-year old Nick, goes for the oldies market, and on the way comes up with some patronising names (causing raised eyebrows from Nick!). But despite some research with sprightly over-sixties, it soon descends into stereotypes. Karren winces as the lads’ mag embraces innuendo and photoshoots get racy. Spot research on the street sends signals that the lads’ mag may be off-course, but the magazine editor continues to push the boundaries. At the pitches, one team doesn’t know what it’s selling, while both teams fail to negotiate until it is almost too late. In the boardroom the final ad sales surprise Lord Sugar, leaving the losing team bickering in a blame game. But when the final page is turned, the end words are: “You’re fired!”.

How to Download XBOX 360 Games Using NewsGroups – Part 2

This tutorial explains from start to finish what newsgroups and usenets are and how to download from them. I explain how to choose a newsgroup provider, where to download the software to download from newsgroups, and how to find those files. In my video, I recommend to use the news group provider Newsgroups/usenets are a good alternative to torrent files with MUCH faster download speeds. They are especially good for downloading xbox 360 backups. This is purely for demonstrative purposes and you should only download games, movies, or music that you have already purchased. Enjoy!
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