Welcome to The Pensacola News Journal

Welcome to The Pensacola News Journal
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More Than a Newspaper

For my Organizational Communication class, I was assigned to complete a semester-long organizational analysis. I had the opportunity of covering the Pensacola News Journal for this assignment. Given that it would have been nearly impossible to analyze the entire organization, I choose to focus on the Advertising and Marketing departments. It would have been a complete disservice to this place if I did not take an artistic path in completing this project. I took a variety of photos ranging from the building’s schematic to the employees. This helped me out so much when I created my Keynote Presentation to the class.

Believe it or not, the Pensacola News Journal is more than just a newspaper. My generation would subconsciously assume otherwise, but seriously, that have a diverse platform that satisfies many different audiences. While spending a week with them, this was probably the most shocking and informative news I received. They have multiple entities that make up what they call the Pensacola News Journal Media Solutions. The newspaper is actually just one one of over a dozen entities the comprises PNJMS.

For Generation Y, they have created GoPensacola.com, which covers nightlife and entertainment within Pensacola. But it is more than just the topic that brings in the younger audience. The way they present the information is also crucial, and they realize that. By way of the website and mobile platforms, PNJMS is strategic with displaying different pieces of information to target specific age groups and genders. Outside of the actual newspaper, the Marketing department develops specialty publications that focus on special interests and tips for consumers. The two main publications are Bella Magazine and Home & Garden.

I know, it sounds like I am simply reiterating the presentation points that I gave to the class regarding this organization, but I am inspired by the transformational process they have implemented. By staying diverse, they are able to remain relevant to the community and the market, not just to people who still physically read newspapers. In addition, they were a great cast to be around. They are a bunch of hard workers that definitely know their stuff. It was great to see a team-oriented organization where all employees has a voice.