Three Years Of Pleasure

This evening, Halloween night of 2009 will mark the three-year anniversary of my first-ever upload to YouTube. I had stumbled onto the site sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2006 by clicking on URLs that were posted to the Love Hounds newsgroup on Usenet, a Kate Bush fan group, to see videos of Kate Bush. So it was my enjoyment of Kate’s music that brought me here initially… As the summer went on, I found more URLs that brought me to YouTube. I remember one being a Japanese video of cats grabbing all kinds of fish entitled something like “Too Cute.” So how did I discover the community? I must have clicked on one of the related videos, and I saw some old guy just talking into a camera about being grumpy. This linked me to another old guy and another, and then I discovered some women talking into cameras, and my mind was blown away that ordinary everyday people just like me, not just actors, could make little movies of themselves and share them with the world! This was one thing that I had to get in on somehow. I had taken a couple of film school courses way back in the mists of time because that interested me, but I couldn’t take that seriously because I was training to be a scientist. As it turns out, I didn’t make a very good scientist, but I do digress… I bought a digital camera because my girlfriend wanted to take some pictures on an upcoming vacation in Mexico, and I discovered that the digital camera could shoot video, so now five or six digital cameras and
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Pleasure For Sale – Episode 1 – Part 1

In this six-part original documentary series, Emmy® Award-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz (Taxicab Confessions) present a poignant, intimate and revealing look inside a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada. The first episode follows convent-born Chyna on her first day working at the Chicken Ranch. Meanwhile, a Chicken Ranch customer confesses to an unorthodox enthusiasm for balloons; a local Baptist pastor tries to organize opposition to the brothels; and Ranch veteran Gabby talks about her botched breast enlargement.
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