Android: PreMit

PreMit is an application written to use with NZBMatrix. The data used for browsing iscoming from the RSS feeds of NZBMatrix. The application can download the NZB’s associated with the items (only if you are VIP) shown and send it to your PC and dowload it with the usenet client of your choice. The video is a first glance at the application. Some background information: The idea is that a little application is running on your desktop/server PC. It’s written in Java so it’s cross-platform. This little server application is setup with an username/password combination which will be used to login to it via the PreMit android application. Also the NZBMatrix username/API key is needed (at least for the downloading part). This as NZBMatrix only allows direct downloads of NZB’s for VIP users via the API key. Also a directory is configured as to where the NZB downloads will be saved. This will be your clients Watch Folder. This approach is chosen so any client of your choice will work as long as it supports ‘watch folders’ as they call it. Considering most clients have this functionality you can pick the one you like! —- Comments for the video: The Download Queue is shown by ‘swiping’ your finger from the left to the right.. and vice versa to go back. It’s all recorded in an emulator which is slowish.. I’ve tested it on my HTC Desire where it’s fast.