What’s the best moderately priced DVD authoring software?

Question by Net Rider: What’s the best moderately priced DVD authoring software?
To the DVD wizards out there: I need your input and advice. I download lots of video files from Usenet and the torrent sites. I’m currently using CyberLink Power Producer 3 to author scene menus and to convert the files from avi etc to DVD. PP3 came with my DVD burner.

I’m looking to take a step up to a product with a few more features. The most important upgrades are 1) entering a time stamp and having the software position me at that point and 2) using different menu styles on the main screen and scene/chapter screens.

Free would be best, of course, but I need to keep the price under $ 75. I’d pay $ 100 for a really outstanding solution. It needs to be easy to configure.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Rhonnie
Try this link and choose


I hope it helps!

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