Kissinger’s Failed Arrest: International Criminals Get Protection, Free Reign Weekends In Ireland

[Irish Try Executing Henry Kissinger’s International Arrest Warrant] DID YOU EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A WARRANT? Henry Kissinger has a International Arrest Warrant and a attempt is made to enforce it at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, where Henry Kissinger was staying. 8th May 2010. The annual Trilateral conference, headed up and attended by David Rockefeller, was held in the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin Ireland May 7th and 8th, 2010. This secretive group are the forerunner group preparing the way for the major (also secretive) Bilderberg meeting in Barcelona, Spain in June 2010. The meeting mainly arranged the take over of the world to form the New World Order one world government . It seems it arranged the sudden huge 2 trillion bail out for the Euro, as part of the plan to destroy Europe’s ability to resist the NWO . They also discussed, according to TUCKER?, a NWO reporter with the Russians, war to be waged with Iran . It seems that Henry Kissinger, as Rathskeller’s right hand man, had to be at the meeting even though there existed a International arrest warrant from France and Spain, who wish to charge him with war crimes from the Chilean war. The Spanish and French say Henry Kissinger is implicated in the death of French and Spanish in the war in Chile. A delegation of Irish and some other nationals presented the Irish Police force, called the Garda, to arrest Henry Kissinger, who was resident in the hotel on foot of the warrant . Later the Police Garda forces