Power Usenet – A quick video review!

This is a review for the NewsGroup Server “PowerUsenet”. I have never tried them before, and one day I was looking around for a new server with SSL Encryption (It’s safer, my ISP can’t look at what I am downloading this way). After much debate and research, I found 2 matched : Giganews PowerUsenet Now, I have heard that PowrUsenet is actually a Giganews reseller, but I think this may be untrue. See, the exact same 12 connection, unlimited download and SSL Encryption is 29.99 on Giganews, but Only 19.99! Not only is it cheaper, they give you 5 days to use the Server (SSL Included) absolutely free! AND for the first 2 months, you are only charged for 12.99. All charges after that, 19.99. Sweet deal considering I’m paying .99 for an unlimited server, with no SSL and only 8 connections. Again, this may be the BEST deal for a USENET server on the internet. It is by far the best I have found yet. PowerUsenet.Com Also, I am in no way associated with them, I just really really dig their server.