Media Mayhem – Corporate Media and New Celebrity Journalism with EW and People Editor Richard Sanderson

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Entertainment journalism has shifted wildly in the last decade under the influence of big corporations and instant internet coverage. To provide us context for the wild west of new celebrity journalism, we speak with EW and People editor Richard Sanders. From the Sandusky trial and sensational cover stories, to substance abuse coverage and Time Warner’s corporate interests, we get to the key points that direct coverage. Richard pulls few punches and is an insightful reference. GUEST BIO: Richard Sanders worked as an Executive Editor at Entertainment Weekly for 11 years and (in two separate stints) at People magazine and for 12 years. He often speaks to young journalists and offers himself up as an example for inspiration—as a guy who spent time in jail, rehab and a psych ward, and somehow went on to become a successful editor at Time Inc., and managed to stay sane and alive. He’s tried to reflect his experiences his eight thrillers, the latest of which is Dead Time Story. He’s been married for 42 years to his wife, Laurie—without whose help, he says, he wouldn’t be alive. They live in Garden City, NY ADD’L LINKS: EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 Media Mayhem introduction. 00:40 Welcoming Richard Sanders. 02:25 Story of the Week: the Sandusky Trial. 06:43 The reasons the Sandusky trial will continue to be a sensation. 09:00 The tendency to settle sex abuse allegations with payouts. 10:47 Sexual abuse coverage
Video Rating: 5 / 5