The Sagan Series (part 1) – NASA The Frontier Is Everywhere “Like” The Sagan Series on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter: FULL CREDIT goes to Michael Marantz for his brilliant original: Click below to purchase Michael Marantz’s original piano composition. AND OF COURSE to Carl Sagan. I made an entire page of credits and forgot to cite The Pale Blue Dot. Total brain fart on my part. I miss the man dearly. NASA – BBC The Great Rift – Home – BBC Planet Earth – Baraka – “G20 Protest the Battle of Toronto” BBC Life – “NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse” “Eye Macro” “Gulf Oil Spill Effects On Wildlife” “Biggest Full Moon HD Video” “Gemini Observatory” Used with permission wherever possible. I got frustrated with NASA and made this video. NASA is the most fascinating, adventurous, epic institution ever devised by human beings, and their media sucks. Seriously. None of their brilliant scientists appear to know how to connect with the social media crowd, which is now more important than ever. In fact, NASA is an institution whose funding directly depends on how the public views them. In NASA’s defense, they have embraced social media. I guess my point is that they don’t fully understand how to best use it. In all of their brilliance, NASA seems to have forgotten to share their hopes and dreams in a way the public can relate to
Video Rating: 4 / 5