MagicBox Download Scene Releases!

With MagicBox! you can download FREE NEW Software every 24 hours! From the Warez Scene when you watch the video you will understand! Guessing your currently download stuff from Torrents,p2p,Usenet, rapidshare? If so then I’m guessing you are going to love using this application over xmas! The only thing people at MagicBox want in return is for you to tell everyone you know about them or at least 5 of your friends or family so they can then hopefully pass it onto 5 of their friends or family and so on.. and so on… The project is all about trying to get as many people using the application as they can get within the next 2 months so please tell everyone you know about magicbox.. Tweet it.. Facebook it.. Digg it!! we need about 2 million users! So Why not e-mail them or better still message them now giving them this youtube link?? so they can watch it for themselves and hopefully pass it onto their friends too. So How to use MagicBox? very simple follow the steps in the video or below. 1. First go to 2. Click “Tell a Friend” so you can share us with 5 of your friends 3. Now Click the Download Button and fill in some of your details 4. Finally Check the E-Mail for download link it’s as simple as that. IF you need help then no problem I’ll watch the comments. if your wondering what powers magicbox it’s a new technology Called http check it out its totally amazing! Remember this is not a scam it’s not some miss-leading advert MagicBox is the real deal