Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 3

Ask your questions here! (1:00)- Taha Cravings! I was wondering how you and Sean overcome cravings? I’m currently on a cut diet and constantly craving pizza or something I used to have as a fat teen ager. (5:13)- Hold mydice How much cardio is too much for muscle loss? (7:50)- Ernest Pershing How often […]

Your SHF Weekly Update: Scott & Sean Ep.8, CONTRACTION WORKOUT!! 60000 Subscribers!

(0:20)- Fan Art Winner! (1:09)- Ask Scott & Sean Ep. 8! (1:46)- Tuesday Tune-Up: “At Home” Contraction Workout! (2:41)- Saturday Exercise Explosion: 3 Great AT HOME exercises! (3:07)- Hermanites Unite at 41100+ on Facebook and 60000+ on YouTube! AWESOME! (3:53)- Stay in shape over the Holiday Season! (4:06)- BSN- “My Stack” 25% Discount! […]