Hollywood wins another lawsuit against a search engine

Hollywood wins another lawsuit against a search engine
Chalk up another legal victory for the Motion Picture Assn. of America in its battle against websites that make it easier for people to find and download bootlegged Hollywood movies. Monday, a judge in London’s High Court of Justice ruled that Newzbin — a site that indexed files posted to Usenet newsgroups — had violated the studios’ copyrights by helping members who paid a monthly fee stitch …
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Is “Google Groups” the only game in town to search Historical Contents of usenet?

Question by Buckley Valeo: Is “Google Groups” the only game in town to search Historical Contents of usenet?
Anybody remember altavista? That’s what I want. Google Groups used to be able to search historical usenet postings, but now the results are cluttered up with posts from non-usenet groups hosted exclusively by Google. I’m not interested in finding lists of usenet groups, I know they exist. I’m interested in finding an alternative way to search usenet historical posts by keyword.
No answers might suggest that it’s impossible to search the historical contents of usenet without the help of Google’s newly crippled service. If this is true, I’m am saddened.
Although searching for binaries might be the goal of some, it’s not the point of my question. I’m just looking for how to do a text search on the contents of historical usenet posts. It wouldn’t have to go back fifteen years, like altavista did, but should be at least five years. Yes, something similar can be done by trying to search the posts on thousands of web-based forums, but I don’t think any one of those is as big as usenet or has as many techies who participate and add meaningful content.

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Answer by Peter R
There are several Usenet search engines. Not sure how good they are and some require $ $ $ to use. But check out the following blog post and see if one might work well for you.


DMOZ has several in their directory:


and a Google search will surface a bunch:


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Goo++ search + radio @ 800×480

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