UFO Crash Con – Keeping UFOs Secret – Terry Hansen LIVE

From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Features Terry Hansen – Public skepticism about the reality of UFO crashes stems from a near total absence of news coverage about such events. The naïve media consumer assumes that news organizations present a more or less complete picture of world events. Consequently, the absence of news about UFO crashes suggests to such people that crashes have not, in fact, occurred. Historically, however, leading news organizations have worked very closely with the federal government to censor news judged to have “national security” implications. This means that UFO crashes almost certainly would not have received much news coverage, especially by national-level news organizations. In this talk, Terry Hansen, author of ‘The Missing Times: New media complicity in the UFO cover-up,’ explains why news organizations cooperate with the government, how news censorship is achieved in practice, and how propaganda works to hide important events and reduce public curiosity. Hansen will also discuss potential ways to circumvent UFO-related media deceptions. Finally, he will discuss the concept of national security and the prospects for achieving a more open, accountable federal government. UFO Crash Con is pleased to welcome Journalist, Author and Researcher — Terry Hansen LIVE We apologize for the commercials during this online presentation. As stated on our main channel page, the advertising revenue from this program helps to cover the heavy production
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Secret Right Wing Money Spent On Deceptive Ads

“An examination of presidential-election advertising spending by the top four secret big-money political groups — all of them right-wing — found that 85 percent of their money over a recent six-month period went to ads that independent fact-checkers determined were in some way deceptive. The Annenberg Public Policy Center calculated that those top four groups spent .3 million on advertising related to the presidential race from December 1, 2011 to June 1, 2012…”.* Could these ads give Mitt Romney a win over President Obama in 2012? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. *Read more here from Dan Froomkin at The Huffington Post: www.huffingtonpost.com Support The Young Turks by Subscribing bit.ly Like Us on Facebook: www.fb.com Follow Us on Twitter: twitter.com Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com

BP Oil Spill. Top Secret. Hidden Facts and Truth!

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