How to Create a NAS with Ubuntu Server

How to build a NAS with Ubuntu Server. In this tutorial I show you how to setup a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system with Ubuntu Server. I go through how to create a RAID, setup Samba / SMB Shares, and install Usenet downloaders SABNZBD+, SickBeard, and CouchPotato Majority of configuration with the NAS can be done via Web Browser using Webmin, so you can access it with either Computer, Laptop, or Smartphone, and with any OS: Linux, Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows. Help Guide: Help Guide includes example Config file for Samba
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Access to a UseNet Server?

Question by Nick W: Access to a UseNet Server?
I want to access a UseNet server but I don’t know of any sever addresses or free servers! Can someone point me in the right direction?
I have Unison 1.7.9 installed on my MacBook.

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Answer by dietbarqs12345
If you haven’t yet, check with your ISP. Comcast and I would expect most others provide you with Usenet access, calling it news server or newsgroups. They don’t really go out of their way to make it known, I suspect because most people don’t care about it and it is not simple to use which would probably cause support problems. My Comcast service uses Giganews with an included monthly usage limit, but can pay for upgrade from Giganews.
Here is a list of other usenet servicers:

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With XP my download speeds from my usenet server was TWICE the speed it is with Vista. Any ideas?

Question by tim26_austin: With XP my download speeds from my usenet server was TWICE the speed it is with Vista. Any ideas?

Vista s*cking is not the answer. haha Any settings I should be looking at?

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Answer by ninja
becuase vista is a resource hog and a waste of all the computers its on. and im not even kidding

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NNTP Server?

Question by ghowriter: NNTP Server?
I want to set up an NNTP server on my intranet that will do the following:

1.) Allow ONLY people on my intranet subscribe to and download from any newsgroup we can get available…

2.) Sync with other free news servers to keep my group list up to date…

3.) run on Windows Server 2003… (I will not install any Linux server as I am unfamiliar with Linux and have to inclination to learn it, if you can’t offer a Windows solution, don’t post…)

4.) does NOT involve buying MS Exchange…

If you have a possible solution that fits the criteria, please let me hear it…

I have installed the NNTP service that comes with IIS on Server03, but it only allows for local newsgroups thus my users would not have access to usenet which defeats the entire purpose of installing the software…

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Answer by Teppic
Try some of the ones listed on here:

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