Spartacus 2.0 “Official Workout!”

(0:23)- Blood and Sand Link (0:31)- Routine Sets and Reps Perform the exercise for 40 seconds Rest for 20 seconds Move to the next exercise Step 1 (1:19)- Dumbbell Hang Pull (2:06)- Offset Dumbbell Reverse Lunge (2:51)- Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing (3:32)- Thrusters (4:11)- Single-Leg, Single-Arm Underhand-Grip Dumbbell Row Complete two circuits of “Step 1” Rest 2 minutes Complete two circuits of “Step 2” Step 2 (5:33)- Dumbbell Chop (6:11)- Plank Walk-Up to Pushup (6:43)- Rotational Dumbbell Straight-Leg Deadlift (7:37)- Squat Thrusts (8:15)- Jump Squat Check out for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook! Check out my Routines & Tips on the SEARS FitStudio page! 🙂 iPhone App! Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition BSN Check out my Meal Plan!: View TRX Pro Pack Here! Follow me on Twitter!
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