Is there another Usenet program like Spotnet?

Question by TKBscorpion: Is there another Usenet program like Spotnet?
Hey there,

I’ve used Spotnet for my usenet downloads, and I loved the simplicity of it.
I didn’t have to go to nzb site anymore and such, I only needed to start up the program and I could search for stuff I wanted.
The problem is though, that I had to reinstall Windows lately, and it doesn’t work anymore ever since.
It just shows this small logo, and then the process is stopped (I checked task manager).
I tried reinstalling, reinstalling .NET Framework, older versions, running as administrator, but nothing works.
Now I was wondering, do you guys know any Usenet software that is just as easy as Spotnet?
I’ve used Grabit before, but I didn’t like it. it doesn’t have the built-in search feature, you need to go to sites first etc.


Unzbin is basically the same as GrabIt. I would like an internal search engine as in Spotnet, it just simplifies is a lot.

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Answer by Masked Musketeer
Unzbin. Does not need Java. Runs on Net Framework 2. It looks like uTorrent and is under 400 kilobytes in size.

It handles RSS subscriptions too.

Use it. Love it.

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