What steps should I take in becoming a news reporter?

Question by Dimples: What steps should I take in becoming a news reporter?
What should I be doing NOW as a sophomore in high school? My school isn’t that big, and the only thing that is helping me with reporting is the newspaper and my english honors class. Is there anything else I can be doing? Or do I just have to wait until college?

***Also, is Northwestern a good school for what I want to pursue? I also don’t know what to study for my major…………. Communications, Journalism, Advertising, Broadcast Journalism? What should I take a minor in? Thanks so much.

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Answer by Snoot
Your English course will be a big help. Check to see what college offers the best courses fin journalism. Normally broadcast, communications, and public relations is offered within journalism major. In your second year of college be sure you do internship with a newspaper group because it may lead to a job or resources. In the meantime, check with your junior college and see if journalism is offered for the summer session.

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