What is a good TV/DVD streaming service in Canada?

Question by po: What is a good TV/DVD streaming service in Canada?
I am looking for a service similar to netflix on demand where you can watch unlimited tv shows for a monthly premium, but for Canada. Does such a thing exist or are we still crippled with the licensing laws?

I don’t want a pay/episode service (like itunes) because the cost would be too great. I am totally sick of torrents, rapidshare, megavideo and whatnot. I don’t want a usenet account because I don’t want to deal with searching and downloading.

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Answer by Mov
-Nero is the first choice-

Step 1: Choose a format (to create DVD) from the drop down list, then click Next to continue.

Step 2: Click Browse Button to select the file you want to import from your hard driver.

Step 3: Choose the Video settings.

Step 4: Choose your burning device.

Step 5: Click “start” and wait for your dvd.

it’s easy. try it .com

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NZBPlayer – Streaming NZB player files from Usenet

NZBPlayer is a free application that STREAMS NZB files (video) from Usenet. If you have the bandwidth, you can even stream 720p/1080p. www.nzbplayer.com There’s no need to wait for all the RAR files to download before watching a video, now you can NZBPlay it within 1 minute!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

StreamReactor 1.0 Beta 3 – New Usenet Video Streaming Client

StreamReactor is a Usenet Streaming Client especially designed for media files. It downloads and extracts media content on-the-fly. So, the media file(s) can be watched almost immediately after the download has been started. The embedded player handles nearly every audio and video format available. The integrated download client supports SSL Encryption, multiple servers and is supposed to work with every Usenet provider. It can also be used to download non-media content. Download: www.streamreactor.net Feel free to test StreamReactor and help me to improve the software.

nzb-streamer demo – opensource usenet movie streaming

Usenet movie streaming using open source software nzb-streamer v0.1a Currently only a prototype. Should be widely available soon, for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. more info on nzb-streamer.org Any ideas of features ? Tell us : nzbstreamer.uservoice.com