Super Simple Press Release – Training, Composing and Broadcasting Software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS-X 2012 – 3PC/1User [Download]

Super Simple Press Release – Training, Composing and Broadcasting Software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS-X 2012 – 3PC/1User [Download]

  • Get THE Secrets to Perfect Online PR (and traffic)
  • Find Traffic, Customers and Sales within Hours of your first PR
  • Every Element of The Perfect Press Release Covered in Detail
  • Examples from Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Trikke, StairCycle and More…
  • How to use Press Releases as the Core of Your Marketing Strategy

Imagine YOU. An Instant Publicity GURU.

Everyone who is in business wants more ATTENTION.

More attention means more traffic and the opportunity to make more sales.

Businesses everywhere fight to try and grab a little more of your bandwidth.

The web has made it possible for anyone who is willing to communicate, to build a virtual microphone that completely bypasses the media of yesteryear.

Every week your or your business does something newsworthy.
But chances are very few people are aware of it. Why?

Because you haven’t mastered the art of “stealing the microphone” online. The term is called “Newsjacking”. And SuperSimplePR is your key to applying Newsjacking every day. To owning that microphone.

What you don’t know about PR is costing your business a small fortune.

With our Super Simple PR business builder package you will create boatloads of publicity and traffic whenever you need them.

Today, PR is all about the virtual microphone, who controls it and how to harness that power like a rock star. Today PR is all about how to rise above the noise and connect with your audience directly and build value.

There is a conversation going on about your market, your town, your neighbor and your company right this very moment. Online PR gives you license to insert yourself right smack in the middle of that conversation. You can direct it wherever you want. And you do not need anyone’s permission.

Our Online Press Release Program provides:
– Explicit training from bona fide experts in PR
– Software to help you craft perfect headlines. Develop ideas. Come up with incredibly compelling stories. Reverse negative competitive messages. And drive your story home.
– Access to our exclusive Online PR platform and get your message into as many as 135 international PR channels – for radical results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

List Price: $ 299.00

Price: $ 99.95

The SUPER “I am Out of Shape and Don’t Want to DIE!” Beginner Starter Workout!

(0:42)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:57)- Single-Leg Standing Knee-Raise (1:50)- Front Steps (& Back Steps) (3:17)- Arm-Circles (Front and Back) (4:11)- Wall/Stair Push (5:02)- Wall/Stair Calf Raise (5:34)- Wall-Sit FREE iPhone App! iPhone App! Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition BSN Facebook: Check out my Meal Plan!: TRX Follow me on Twitter! Check out for more information and detailed exercises!
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Why is FOX News ONLY advertising Super Tuesday February 5, 2008 on its shows?

Question by I’m right: Why is FOX News ONLY advertising Super Tuesday February 5, 2008 on its shows?
The first caucus is Iowa on January 3rd. New Hampshire is on the 8th. Does it have something to do with who’s NOT LEADING in the polls in Iowa and NH in the GOP Primary?
Let me be clear: after watching 2 hrs of FoxNews (Hannity and Colmes and Oreilly), I noticed that at the bottom right hand corner of the screeen above the ticker was a reminder about the February 5 2008 Super Tuesday Primaries but NO MENTION about the first primary in our country the IOWA caucus.
The “Murdoch Agenda”, I guess would be NOT to promote those primaries (IA and NH) because Rudy Guiliani is NOT LEADING in those polls…?

Best answer:

Answer by judy.gideon
newsflash…..murdoch has his own agenda!! he is out of control! not so much mogul as monster!
best wishes.

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All 61 Ads from Super Bowl 2011 in 2 Minutes

Don’t have the time to watch through every Super Bowl 2011 commercial? Don’t worry, we did it for you. In this exclusive video, we break down the best moments from this year’s Super Bowl ads in a matter of just two minutes. (Ads from first and second half only – no ads from halftime were used) Go to to see every commercial in its entirety, as well as extensive analysis and reviews by Adweek. Edited by: Matt McBrayer Adweek Video Director: Jeff Chan Music: “Bust This Bust That” by Professor Kliq Subscribe to see more videos from!

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Super Bowl XLV Chevy Commercial ~ EastwoodClinton Movie News Updates

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Super Bowl XLV Commercial *Note, this is just a commercial, not a teaser trailer for the film. Chevy is running this as its own commercial advertising the chevy camaro parallel to the film’s trailer. The 30 second teaser trailer for the super bowl is being done by paramount. The second full teaser trailer will be released with “I am number 4” On Febuary 18th, 2011. Please see my channel for all the latest Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Live Action Movie Updates. Thank you. Link to the commercial on Bumblebee is more mature in Transformers 3:
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Star Wars Super Bowl Darth Vader Volkswagen Ad (Analysis)

TYT Mobile: Subscribe: Facebook Page: Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk’s Blog: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews New TYT Network channels: If you’re a “Star Wars” fan–and who’s not?–you’ll want to be one of the first to check out the new Volkwagen ad that’s expected to air during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Thanks to the great mommy blog Tiny Iron Fists, I found the just-posted-on-You Tube ad today. Featuring a pint-size Darth Vader–actually a suburban kid in a Darth Vader suit who is fruitlessly trying to get “the Force” to work for him–the spot at first makes no sense as a VW ad. To Read More Click Here:
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How to Use Newsgroups with Mac OSX (Super Easy!)

Step 1: Purchase Usenet Access from here: (There is a free trial) Step 2: Download Unison from here: (6 day free trial period) and configure it with your PowerUsenet access. Step 3: Go to and sign up. I recommend getting the VIP account so you can have full access to the website (it’s only ). Step 4 Do a search for something you want and then click “Download NZB.” Find the NZB file on your computer and open it, it should start downloading. Enjoy! SONG: Hudson Mohawke – Overnight