TheAntiTerrorist on The Devil’s Eye Part 1 of 3

Is it called ‘television programming’ for a reason? TheAntiTerrorist on Guns ‘n’ Drugs Integrated-sensing-display Dr. Marcel Just and Dr. Tom Mitchell Neuroscience and Free Will Thought Reading Demonstration 60 minutes – mind reading fMRI —————————————————- Neuro-marketing: ex-IBM reveals how analog was abandoned : ____________________________________ _____________________ Dr. Doepp interview: Switching of the Brain Orson Wells War of the worlds documentary Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors. US Patent 6506148 Silent Subliminal Presentation System. United States Patent 5159703 METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING A DESIRED BRAIN STATE. United States Patent 6488617 Opening score sampled from ‘New World Order’ by DJ Chris Geo The AT Handbook on Amazon UK: US: CA: Excerpts from the new book, Standing Under Freedom, A Foundation for Personal Empowerment: Standing Under Freedom on Amazon UK: US: CA:
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