Torrents vs Usenet – A Comparison between the two

Comparison between Usenet vs Torrents. In this video I show how both Torrents and Usenet work, and give you their advantages and disadvantages in the use of Legal & Illegal downloads. With Torrents (or Peer-to-Peer) you’re sharing data between multiple users and are relying on them to transfer data at a reasonable speed. Whereas with Usenet you’re connecting directly with a Newsgroup server and can download at high speed, and theres no need to share with other users. In the final part of the video I show the sort of content available on the NZB searcher, there certainly is a large verity available, including: 3D Blurays, HD 1080P movies, DVDs, TV episodes, MP3 & FLAC Audio, Games (XBox360 / PS3 / Wii / PC / Android), and ebooks 0:01 Intro 1:36 How Torrenting Works 3:30 How Usenet Works 5:04 Look at How to Setup SabNZBD to download from Usenet: Wallpaper:
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Is rapidshare the same thing as torrents?

Question by hello: Is rapidshare the same thing as torrents?

i know how to use torrents, but is that the same thing as rapidshare? what is rapidshare?
also, what are scene torrents…? and usenet? can i use usenet or scene torrents (not private or public trackers) for free?

which one is the best??

thanks, i’ll choose best answer!!!

Best answer:

Answer by dynamitelifetime
No they’re not the same.

File sharing is illegal. You’re gonna go to jail.

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How can i use “download via usenet” in torrents?

Question by naga: How can i use “download via usenet” in torrents?
i want to download faster in utorrent, then how to use “download via usenet” in torrents manonova

Best answer:

Answer by Facepalm
Usenet and torrents are two completely different things.

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Comparing Usenet to Torrents

Comparing Usenet to Torrents

Usenet is a web based service that is quite old, genuine and has several advantages over Torrents. Both Usenet and Torrents are helpful in downloading files on to your computer which are present on their servers. Usenet has several benefits and we will review a few of them.

Benefits of Usenet over Torrents

Firstly you are not depending on a distributed set of peers; all parts of the file are present in the Usenet server just waiting to be downloaded. The speed is quite high and only depends on the speed of your internet connection. Secondly, it is interesting to note that you can simultaneously download multiple files. This way you save a lot of time as compared to Torrents of any other P2P service.

Since these services use standard HTTP protocols, they are more secure and you can use the same security you use while surfing like firewall, anti virus and anti-spy software. You will be able to see automatic thumbnail previews thus being able to know at a glance the quality of the file. When using Torrent or other P2P services you may have to split up the files and then join them together after downloading. But in the case of Usenet, the server automatically does this for you making your work easier.

The reason you can trust Usenet is that the quality of service is excellent and the web interface is so good that you just need Internet Explore or any standard browser to access it.

Why people prefer Usenet?

People use Usenet for several reasons like taking part in text based discussions on millions of topics, some of which you may have never even imagined or you may use a subscription based system to download movies, pictures, MP3, music and even software. The amount of data stored is also mind boggling and you can find all the information you require.

Usenet services offer 256 bit SSL encryption ensuring that speed and security go hand in hand. You may have to pay a nominal subscription fee but high quality service never comes free. Usenet is surely more beneficial than torrents in terms of speed, security and vast amount of data available.

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