Tiny URL Services Enhance Click Tracking and Reporting

Centreville, VA (PRWEB) November 3, 2006

Webmasters seeking improved click tracking and reporting for numerous objectives may find the new fileTracker service a welcome relief from the ordinary redirection services. filetracker offers redirection services that allow for tracking of clicks using the Analytics of a popular search engine combined with webservices and reporting of clicks since date data.

The free and paid subscription services offer any webmaster the ability to track and validate clicks to their website from search engines, PPC or other advertising, press releases and from their website for file downloads and external page links to provide key data about the visitors to those links including geographical data with dashboard and charting views.

Integration with a popular search engine’s web site analytics enhances the amount of data the analytic engine collects giving webmasters greater insight into the pattern and paths users take entering and leaving their websites.

Additional integration with a popular search engine’s PPC advertising program enables webmasters and publishers who rely on advertising revenue to use fileTracker as an additional venue for displaying and generating revenue from file downloads and external links.

Bloggers, forum posters and usenet news posters will also appreciate the capability of using the fileTracker service to track and report on links they post and generate potential revenue from those links.

fileTracker has taken the concept of the tiny url and redirection services and evolved them and redefined them into an easy to use and affordable analytics gathering and reporting solution.

For more information about the fileTracker service, contact Denard Springle or visit http://www.filetracker.net/main.cfm.

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