Anders Behring Breivik’s trial: Day 1 – Arraignment (English) [16.04.2012]

Sadly I missed the trial’s opening where Breivik did his Hitler salute and pleaded “not guilty”. Also I decided to not cut off advertising and news breaks in order to preserve the way this event was reported about. ~ TIMELINE: 02:55 prosecutioners start 04:11 summary 07:03 1995-2006 07:35 Knights Templar 11:06 school and company foundation 13:57 selling of false diplomas and money laundry 17:35 political- and freemason movement 19:28 2006 – 4. May 2011 20:35 living place 22:02 World of Warcraft 25:40 Breiviks manifest 29:12 acquisitions 30:33 uniform 31:30 equipment “Hunting Permit” 34:40 arms and amunition 35:50 bomb acquisitions 37:10 credit cards 38:17 4. May – 21. July 2011 38:45 Breiviks farm 42:06 The bomb 44:01 primary explosive 45:10 secondary explosive, amplifying device, main charge 52:42 Beiviks arrest on 22. July 2011 59:05 Breiviks Templar movie (not aired) / moneymakerFX IMPORTANT: If someone can provide me with uncut high-quality footage of the trial’s opening (it was fully broadcasted), I would be delighted.

Can you ‘reset’ a usenet trial?

Question by Titanium640: Can you ‘reset’ a usenet trial?
I used a Binverse 1gb trial mode because I didn’t want to give out my credit card information to a service that’s new to me.

Anyway, I don’t have enough money to get the service, but I really want it. I was thinking if there was a way to ‘refresh’ my trial or be able to generate a new account so I can keep downloading 1gb (or more) at a time.

I heard that changing your MAC and IP address could do the trick – is this true? If so, how should this be done?

Thank you, most reasonable gets points!

Best answer:

Answer by Ralph
I read on this site how somebody said they extended a 30 day trial by changing the date on the computer. Could not say for sure if this would work. Good Luck.

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Is there a Usenext trial without subscription?

Question by dionysos: Is there a Usenext trial without subscription?
Usenext is offering a 14 day trial for its usenet service. Thats fine so far but the downside is that you have to give them your details and agree to a subscription plan if you not cancel in time. Does anyone know if there is a way to try out usenext without subscription?

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Answer by IloveYouTracyHyde
without debit card

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NewZFinders – Compte Usenet Newsgroup binaires Gratuit – Free Trial

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